Latest Nanocellulose Applications

Keeping you up to date with the most exciting nanocellulose applications! 

Sustainable applications:

More efficient harvesting of microalgae for biofuel production and water treatment with CO2-switchable crystalline nanocellulose. 

Removing metal ions from water with multi-layered nanocellulose membranes

Efficient adsorbance of cobalt(II) from nuclear industry wastewater with nanocellulose/nanobentonite composites  

As separator membranes in batteries to prevent short-circuit failures with a terpyridine (TPY)- functionalized cellulose nanofibril nanoporous thin mat. 

In advanced batteries, such as flexible, rechargeable zinc-air batteries containing laminated cross-linked nanocellulose/graphene oxide electrolyte. 

Consumer products:

Improved color dye strength in textiles with cellulose nanowhiskers incorporated into the fibres. 

Medical applications:

Reduction of post-operation inflammation and improved wound healing with nanofibrillated cellulose-based sutures. 

Promoting wound healing with hemicellulose-reinforced nanocellulose hydrogels.