USFS Forest Product Laboratory's Alan Rudie Discusses Nanocellulose on the Radio

Alan Rudie and Dan Blessing talk about the exciting prospects of nanocellulose in Wisconsin:

Alan Rudie (Assistant Director of Wood Fibre and Composites Research of Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin) and Dan Blessing (Natural Resource Officer from Klamath National Forest and Butte Valley National Grassland) talk about nanocellulose on “The Jefferson Exchange” on Jefferson Public Radio. 

Dr. Rudie has been pioneering the development of nanocellulose, overseeing the development of the pilot plant at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and collaborating with numerous entrepreneurs on technology development. Listen to Alan give an overview of cellulose nanomaterials, how they are made, and their applications, such as stronger cement, longer fruit shelf life, high strength fiber reinforcement for composites, as replacements of conventional food packaging, and for liquid crystal devices. 

Dan talks about how the Siskiyou County community got involved in nanocellulose, and how manufacturing nanocellulose can create more value from trees that would be otherwise be burnt in the forest.