International Workshop and Collaboration on Nanomaterial Safety: An international collaboration on in vitro testing strategies

Vireo Advisors, the University of Alberta’s Ingenuity Lab and others are collaborating with the Society for Risk Analysis to evaluate the potential to use alternative test strategies (ATS) to improve our ability to assess nanomaterial toxicity and environmental impact. READ THE STORY ON NANOWERK!

NANO RISK ANALYSIS (II) A Workshop to Explore How a Multiple Models Approach can Advance Risk Analysis of Nanoscale Materials September 15-16, 2014, Washington, DC  REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: FOR POSTERS DEADLINE EXTENDED to August 1!

This workshop brings together experts from diverse disciplines to explore ways in which Alternative Testing Strategies (ATS) may be combined to create a Weight of Evidence (WOE) or “multiple models” approach to inform context –specific decisions about risk from exposure to novel nanoscale materials. The goal is to advance a common understanding of the state of the science, early lessons, current opportunities, and next steps for developing ATS for use in decision making for nanoscale materials.

 The specific decision focus for this first “state of the science and practice” evaluation is the initial set of screening level decisions that a risk manager would need to make about seeking further (specific) data or declaring obvious safety for a novel nanoscale material.  The output of the workshop will be a set of recommendations reported to the OECD Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials (WPMN) and via peer reviewed publications and web-based portals about ways in which these approaches may be practically applied in the near term to improve environmental decision making by governmental and industrial organizations. The output of the workshop holds potential for transformation through risk screening approaches that promote safer and more sustainable material and technology development.

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