Is Risk Management on Pace with Innovation for Nanomaterial Uses?

ProSafe is an organization that “coordinates and supports the aims of EU Member and associated states in their EU and international efforts (OECD, COR, EU-USA) regarding risk assessment, management and governance by streamlining data acquisition, collection and management on regulatory orientated toxicology testing of nanomaterials, exposure monitoring, LCA, and disposal and treatment of waste nanomaterials.”

They are currently seeking the input of leading experts in an anonymous online Delphi Forum on what nanomaterials are in commerce and whether they are being managed properly. The Delphi forum is online NOW, and users can take part and gain access to data and analysis in real time.


  • To join the discussion, click here
  • In the access code box for “ProSafe Delphi Poll” insert “Prosafe2015”
  • Click ‘take survey’ and enter your email address to enter the poll.