American Process Inc. Announces Chemical-Free Pulping Technology Enhanced with Nanocellulose for Lightweight Packaging Production

On May 16th, American Process Inc. (API) announced the launch of their new GreenBox++ technology.

GreenBox++ will replace chemical pulping for production of high strength, lightweight paper-based packaging using a chemical-free, water-based process powered by nanocellulose. The technology with nanocellulose coproduction is currently being demonstrated at API's Thomaston Biorefinery in Thomaston, Georgia.


According to Dr. Kim Nelson, API’s VP of Nanocellulose Technology, “We have enhanced the performance and market potential of our GreenBox+ technology with addition of a bolt-on nanocellulose processing line. Utilizing nanocellulose produced on site from pulp made from our GreenBox+ process, the strength of paper-based materials used for packaging such as corrugated medium can be significantly increased. The strength-boost offered by nanocellulose makes GreenBox++ technology suitable for retrofitting both sodium carbonate and kraft pulping processes. This strength increase may also allow papermakers to lightweight packaging, or reduce the amount of material used.”

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