The Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI) Proposes New Nanomaterial Reporting Requirements

Under a proposal from KEMI, Swedish companies reporting products to the Products Register will soon need to provide further information on any nanomaterials contained within the product. The proposal aims to create of an overview of nanomaterial use in Sweden, and addresses reports that have indicated a need for knowledge concerning quantities and uses of nanomaterials in the market. Given a lack of explicit regulation, the proposal states this reporting requirement will provide the overview necessary to determine if further regulatory action is necessary.

Companies with an annual revenue less than 5M SEK would be exempt from the reporting requirement, although they would still need to indicate in the Products Register if their products contain nanomaterials. In addition, manufacturers of pigments would be exempt from the proposed reporting requirement as well as those product groups currently exempt from reporting requirements in the Products Register: waste, food and animal feed, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and tattoo ink.