Kruger Products Awarded Sixth Annual Vendor Sustainability Award by Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada has awarded Kruger Products with the Sixth Annual Vendor Sustainability Award. The award was given based upon the sustainability efforts and achievements of Kruger Products. 

Kruger Products has one of the largest green tissue product offerings in North America including 100% recycled Forest Stewardship Council® certified by Envirocare in Walmart Canada stores.

As a part of their sustainability efforts, Kruger Products recycles more than 110,000 metric tons of paper annually, directing 16,000 garbage trucks-worth of waste from landfills and allowing them to save more than 1.7 million trees. 

In addition, "Kruger Products has reduce its energy consumption in Canada by 11.3% and reduce GHG emissions by more than 25.7% since 2009. Since 2009, the company has reduced water consumption by 18.8% annually."

According to Andrew Telfer, Manager of Sustainability, "Kruger Products is helping Walmart Canada provide consumers with the affordable green products that they are looking for while helping us reduce our GHG emissions and waste. Kruger Products has also been a great industry leader in creating opportunities for retailers and suppliers to collaborate with their sustainability efforts."

With the closing of the Sustainability 2015 Program this year, Kruger Products plans to launch another five-year sustainability program.