Second Edition of "Working Safely with Nanomaterials in Research and Development" Released by UK NanoSafety Group

The report offers guidance on reducing potential health hazards that can arise from exposure when working with nanomaterials during research and development. It aims to provide an outline for establishing a safe workplace, adopting a precautionary strategy to minimize potential exposure given the uncertainties associated with exposure to novel forms of nanomaterials. Targeted to employers, managers, and health and safety officers in facilities with ongoing research and development of various nanomaterials, the outlines include suitable protocols and control measures that employers can adopt to minimize exposure.

In the second version of this report, the UK NanoSafety Group updates the guidance, accounting for the latest research in nanotoxicity, as well as changes in legislation and best practices that have occurred since it was first published in 2012.  Significant updates on the monitoring, hazard banding and exposure controls have been made and several sections have been revised to account for the full implementation of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS).