Regulation of Nanomaterials Under CEPA Proposed in Canada

The bill, titled Act to amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA) (nanotechnology) (C-287) would amend CEPA and set up procedures for “the investigation and assessment of nanomaterials”.  MP Peter Julian who helped draft the bill issued a press release which stated that the bill would establish:

 "A balanced approach ensuring the responsible development of nanotechnology and the safe use of [sic] Nanomaterials in Canada."

The bill defines nanomaterials as:

“any manufactured substance or product of any component material, ingredient, device or structure that: (a) is within the nanoscale (one nanometer (nm) up to and including 100 nm), in at least one external dimension; or (b) if it is not within the nanoscale, exhibits one or more properties that are attributable to the size of a substance and size effects.”

The bill outlines a risk assessment process which would be implemented if passed. Vireo will keep you updated on any developments with Act C-287 as they develop.