API and MYBiomass sign Joint-Development Agreement for the Production of Nanocellulose for Downstream Applications  

American Process, Inc. (API) and MYBiomass Sdn. Bhd. (MYBiomass) announced in a press release this week that they will work together to produce nanocellulose and cellulosic sugars from oil palm empty fruit-bunches, a lignocellulosic feedstock common in Malaysia. The nanocellulose and cellulosic sugars will be used as an additive in textile, automotive parts, paper, and more.  

According to Dr. Kim Nelson, VP Nanocellulose Technology, “We are very excited to expand our biorefinery technologies to Malaysia in support of the country’s vision to become a regional green chemicals and biomaterials hub. Upgrading residual biomass to next-generation, high-performance renewable materials such as nanocellulose in support of global job creation and sustainable economic growth is central to API’s mission.”