American Process Inc. and Birla Carbon Announce Joint Development Agreement for Combining Nanocellulose and Carbon Black

American Process Inc. (API) (Atlanta, GA) and Aditya Birla Group’s, Birla Carbon (Marietta, GA) recently signed a Joint Development Agreement to further efforts of combining carbon black and nanocellulose to improve the performance and sustainability of tires. According to a press release published today, the companies have began work with Birla Carbon® and BioPlus® nanocellulose to reduce rolling resistance of tires which could ultimately increase fuel efficiencies by 20%.

Kim Nelson, PhD, API’s VP of Nanocellulose remarks, “This partnership has many synergies including Birla Carbon’s technical expertise, rigorous and disciplined development program, and world-class research facility in Marietta, Georgia. Our ability to offer large-scale quantities of a variety of nanocellulose products with various particle sizes and surface chemistries also enhances the development process.”