Special Edition of NanoImpact includes Collaborative Work of Vireo Advisors and American Process: "Establishing the safety of novel bio-based cellulose nanomaterials for commercialization" 

A special edition of the journal NanoImpact, A decade of Nanotoxicology Research: Impact on Human Health and the Environment 8th International Congress of Nanotoxicology, features the collaborative work of Vireo Advisor's Kimberly Ong, Jo Anne Shatkin, and James Ede along with Theodora Retsina and Kim Nelson of American Process Inc. The article, "Establishing the safety of novel bio-based cellulose nanomaterials for commercialization" demonstrates how to proactively develop an industrially relevant safety testing plan for nanomaterials. The testing plan supports commercialization efforts and fills key data gaps prior to commercial production. Importantly as well, it demonstrates the value of publishing studies when there is no adverse toxicity outcome. For more information regarding the article, please see our previous post.