Expert Reaction to Nanoparticles Found in Australian Baby Formula Brands 

Friends of the Earth, an activist group consisting of members from more than 75 countries, recently conducted an independent analysis of baby formulas which found nanoparticles {calcium phosphate crystals (Ca apatite)} in 6 of the formulas tested. Though the findings presented in their research elicit an initial response of excitement and awe, it is important that we look into the facts behind this nanoparticle before jumping to conclusions. The Australia Food Standards Authority published the opinions of several experts on the topic.  

Among them, Adjunct Professor Andrew Bartholomaeus, a consultant toxicologist with Adjunct Professor appointments at the University of Canberra and the University of Queensland, stated that calcium phosphate crystals are naturally present in the human body in our bones, teeth, and tissue. Calcium phosphate crystals are also soluble and dissolve in stomach acid. For these reasons, the small amounts of this nanoparticle present in baby formula is "unlikely to be a health risk for humans". 

Professor Ian Rae, an Honorary Professorial Fellow in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne and an advisor to the United Nations Environment Program on chemicals in the environment, stated "The use of all that analytical chemical firepower might serve to over-awe the non-expert reader. Anyone who understands them and can assess the numbers will just ask 'so what?'." For others, see Food Standards Australia New Zealand's (FSANZ) "Expert reaction - nanoparticles in baby formula".