The Push for the EPA to Accept Non-Animal Safety Data 

Many chemical manufacturers are hoping that non-animal safety data will be well received in the U.S. by the EPA. According to Athena Keene, a senior toxicologist at Afton Chemical Corp., it has been difficult to have non-animal safety data accepted in the EU by the European Chemicals Agency even though their chemicals are registered under REACH law (which encourages the use of such alternate safety testing). 

Steps will soon be taken by the EPA to work with chemical manufacturers, trade associations, animal welfare advocates, and academic to discuss how non-animal safety data may best be used by the agency to aid in decision making. Under the new TSCA law, the EPA is required to have standards in place by June 22, 2018 which would promote alternate safety testing which does not include the use of animals.   

Tala Henry, Director of risk assessment division of the EPA’s Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, said the EPA would review non-animal safety data but “It’s not flooding into us.”  

She says that the more companies submit alternative data, the more it will help the agency understand their uses and limitations.  

The EPA has not yet stated whether or not they will accept public comment on this topic.