Vireo Advisor's Kimberly Ong to Present Work of NanoAOP Project at Nano Canada 2017 

Dr. Kimberly Ong of Vireo Advisors will present Vireo’s ongoing collaborative work* entitled, "Advancing Adverse Outcome Pathways as a Tool for the Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials – the NanoAOP Project", during NanoCanada's first national conference: Converging on Nanomanufacturing from September 25-26, 2017 in Montréal, Canada. 

The conference will bring together experts from all sectors with a focus on collaborative innovation in nanomanufacturing. Dr. Ong will be chairing the Nanotechnology Standards, Regulations, and Health and Safety session, featuring a wide range of invited speakers from standards organizations, consulting firms, the chemicals industry, and government. Speakers in this session include: Brian Haydon (CSA group), Haridoss Sarma (GO 2 SCOUT 4 R&T), Shaun Clancy (Evonik), Myriam Hill (Health Canada), and Brent Bryant (Xerox Research Centre Canada). 

Dr. Ong's poster presentation will provide an overview of the work of the NanoAOP Project, which is an OECD Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials Project being led by Canada (Environment and Climate Change Canada, Health Canada, and Alberta Innovates). This project examines how Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) can be relevant as tools for risk assessment of nanomaterials. AOPs link a sequence of key events (KEs) that lead to eventual health or ecological impacts that result from exposure to a substance. Developing nanomaterial-relevant AOPs are important because they facilitate human health and ecological hazard identification by using alternative test data and support risk assessment strategies such as grouping and read-across, thereby reducing the need for in vivo experiments, saving resources, and supporting more efficient nanomaterial risk assessment. 

To register to attend the conference, please visit the event website. 


Ong, K.J.(1), Shatkin, J.A.(1), Ede, J.D.(1), Sultan, Y.2, Jackson, D.(2), Halappanavar, S.(3), Hill, M.(3), Lemieux, C.(3), Sheremeta, L.(4) 

1 Vireo Advisors, LLC
2 Environment and Climate Change Canada
3 Health Canada
4 Alberta Innovates