Study finds Bisphenols BPS and BPA in Receipts

The Ecology Center’s Healthy Stuff program found hormone-disrupting BPS and BPA chemicals in the receipts of major grocery stores, department stores, and small retailers (including Meijer, Kroger, and TJX stores, as well as gas stations, theaters, libraries, small and independent businesses). Some of these businesses received an “F” in the Mind the Store Campaign’s “Who’s Minding the Store” report card.

Using a rapid screening method, the program studied 207 paper receipts to examine the presence of BPA, BPS, and other chemicals which are used as developers for thermal paper. Of the receipts studied, 93% tested positive for BPA and BPS. The study is part of a campaign calling for businesses to start using a combination of thermal and electronic receipts in order to reduce exposure of these harmful chemicals for employees and customers.

Some stores, such as Trader Joe’s which rated 25 out of 30 in a ranking of retailers’ chemical policies in November, have already committed to removing the chemicals from their receipts. “We are now pursuing receipt paper that is free of phenol chemicals (including BPA and BPS), which we will be rolling out to all stores as soon as possible,” the company said in a statement.