The Society for Risk Analysis, Emerging Nanomaterials Specialty Group Broadens Scope to Include Risk Analysis of Other Advanced Materials and Technologies

The Society for Risk Analysis is a multidisciplinary, international society that brings together experts for all aspects of risk analysis. Within that society, the Emerging Nanomaterials Specialty Group (ENMSG) brought focus to the risk analysis of emerging nanoscale materials.

In recent years, there has been a shift in government, industry, and academics to include the risk analysis of nanomaterials in a broader class of new advanced materials and technologies that are being developed. In November, SRA Council approved a proposal to rename the “Emerging Nanomaterials Specialty Group” (ENMSG) the “Advanced Materials and Technologies Specialty Group” (AMTSG) to capture this increased scope and reflect current thinking on the topic.

The broadened scope of AMTSG encompasses the risk analysis of many new and exciting materials and technologies currently being developed including the areas of additive manufacturing (e.g. 3D-printing), bio-based and synthetic biology. By staying aligned with current thinking on the topic, AMTSG can better capture developments in the risk analysis of these advanced materials and technologies to the benefit of SRA’s entire membership. For more information on the focus and priorities for AMTSG, or to offer input or become involved, please contact AMTSG co-chair Dr. James Ede at