Final Opinion on Titanium Dioxide as UV-Filter in Sunscreen Sprays Released by EC

The European Commission (EC) Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) released its final opinion regarding the use of titanium dioxide (nano form) as a UV-filter in sunscreen sprays last month. The SCCS examined exposure studies which were conducted with water-based sprayable sunscreens which had a low alcohol content. This type of sunscreen currently makes up 80% of the EU market. After reviewing the data provided, the SCCS concluded that there was insufficient data to determine the safety of titanium dioxide in nanoform when used in a spray which could have effects on consumers’ lungs. Since sprayable sunscreens containing titanium dioxide in nanoform is available for purchase by consumers, the SCCS advised that “[s]uch uses need to be carefully evaluated so that the chance of harmful effects through consumer’s lung exposure by inhalation is avoided”.