Stora Enso Launches Bio-Based Lignin Product to Replace Oil-Based Phenolic Materials

Finnish Company Stora Enso launched their bio-based lignin product last month, LineoTM, which can be used to replace oil-based phenolic materials in resins for plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), paper lamination, insulation materials, and more. The company is looking at many other potential applications of LineoTM as well. Stora Enso’s lignin is a free-flowing, high purity kraft lignin which is separated during the kraft pulping process of Nordic softwood. Stora Enso is currently the largest producer of kraft lignin in the world.

Markus Mannström, Executive Vice President of the Stora Enso Biomaterials division, says, “Lignin is a non-toxic raw material with traceable origin and stable cost structure, and bio-based LineoTM is ideal for companies looking for alternatives to oil-based products. We believe that everything made from fossil-based materials today, can be made from a tree tomorrow”.

For more information regarding Stora Enso’s lignin, see their website.