French Inspectors Uncover Mislabeling of Nano Ingredients in Cosmetics

French Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control Group, DGCCRF, has found that several manufacturers of cosmetic products did not properly label nanomaterial ingredients. In the European Union, nanomaterials used in cosmetics are required to be labelled as ‘nano’ in the ingredient lists on product labels.

The DGCCRF examined 40 samples of mascaras and eyeliners throughout 2017 with respect to proper labelling of nanomaterial ingredients. Out of the examined cosmetics, eight of the products did not correctly label carbon black, a material often used in nanoform as a colorant. Carbon black is currently allowed to be used in the EU as long as it is listed in the ingredients list and on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). The DGCCRF also found other unlisted nanoparticles in 33 products including titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, iron and zinc oxides. The DGCCRF reported that they are “continuing investigations with manufacturers to find the reasons for their presence". For more information, a catalogue of nanomaterials used in cosmetic products in the EU is maintained here.