IoT ImpactLABS Acquired by Context Labs

In efforts of advancing their CXL’s blockchain-based ImmutablyTM-platform and their goal of enabling the “Supply Chain of Everything”, Context Labs has acquired IoT ImpactLABS.

Context Labs develops blockchain technologies which help companies and individuals track physical products, digital media, and services from the time they are created or made all the way to the end-user. Blockchain technologies record the transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.

“The IoT ImpactLABS acquisition strengthens [the] ProofWorks™ and Immutably™ platform to deeply enhance IoT/Blockchain integration, providing proof of the ‘birth certificates’ of things and data. It creates a verifiable proof of existence for the data or physical thing pinned to a particular point in time, with a ‘context proof’ in the interconnected network graph of supply chain partners”, stated Dan Harple, CEO of Context Labs. These platforms help to ensure that data, news, and products are authentic and reliable—something which is more important now than ever in a time when you cannot know for certain that what you see or read is true. Context Labs also has a number of other solutions to help ensure the integrity of services, intellectual property, and products.