Don’t miss Vireo Advisors June 11th Workshop on Practical Safety Strategies for Bio/Nano Technology Commercialization at TAPPI 2018!

Vireo Advisors is hosting a half-day workshop on June 11th, 2018 at this year’s TAPPI Nanotechnology Division Conference in Madison, Wisconsin (June 11-14, 2018) on Practical Safety Strategies for Bio/Nano Technology Commercialization.

Sessions to include:

1. Safety of New Carbon-based Materials: Where Are We? This session will give an overview of the current knowledge base on the safety of new carbon-based materials, discuss the safety literature, and offer insights on management strategies.

2. Safety Demonstration as a Strategy for Meeting Market Requirements. A proactive approach to safety can be challenging given the lack of established standards and methods for bio-based and nanotechnologies. Here we will discuss some of the practical approaches organizations can employ, including recent guidance from governmental agencies, best practices being adopted by industry, and international standards from various agencies.

3. Complying with Global Regulatory Requirements: Applied Aspects of Safety Testing. This part of the workshop will provide an overview of the types of safety data for global regulatory requirements, and testing challenges, with a focus on common application areas, including industrial chemicals, food and feed, food contact materials, paper and packaging, and cosmetics.

The workshop will follow an interactive format, with demonstrations, case studies and discussions organized by the Vireo Advisors team (Jo Anne Shatkin, James Ede, Kimberly Ong) followed by an open Q&A.

This workshop is intended for those seeking to advance their understand the global health, safety, and environmental requirements for new technologies, including how navigating the regulatory environment to improve commercialization potential of bio-based and nanomaterial products.

Space is limited, register today!