US EPA TSCA Nanomaterials Reporting Requirement Deadline: August 14, 2018

The deadline for reporting nanomaterials in commerce under the EPA’s Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is August 14, 2018. Manufacturers, importers, and processors of a nanomaterials (as defined in the rule; 82 Fed. Reg. 3641) during the last three years must report certain information by the August 14 deadline. The rule requires “reporting of chemical substances that are solids at 25° Celsius and standard atmospheric pressure; that are manufactured or processed in a form where any particles (including aggregates and agglomerates) are in the size range of 1–100 nanometers (nm) in at least one dimension; and that are manufactured or processed to exhibit one or more ‘unique and novel properties’.” If you have questions about your obligations or reporting requirements, contact us today!