“Simple Cellulose” Renmatix

When you shop for ingredients that make up your recipes, what do you look for? According to Mike Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer of Renmatix, “Consumers, especially younger consumers — up to 86% of the younger generation — pretty much decide purchase decision based on clean labels,” Mr. Hamilton noted in his recent presentation at IFTNext. “And that’s only going to continue to grow.” For this reason, Renmatix has developed a product which can serve as a substitute for eggs, oils, fats and a variety of thickeners in baked goods called “Simple Cellulose”. This chemical-free product is made using only plants and water through a hydrolysis reaction that Renmatix calls the “Plantrose Process”. Simple Cellulose can help to improve the texture of foods which are free from gluten, soy and dairy and provides emulsification, increases fat absorption, preserves moisture, and more.