Adhesive-free Bio-based Suspended Ceiling Tiles using Nanocellulose

In a study published by BioResources, Nadir Yildirim of The University of Maine created adhesive-free bio-based suspended ceiling tiles using nanocellulose. These tiles, called ArboTile, are comparable to current ceiling tiles available commercially. In addition to being bio-based, the nanocellulose tiles:

  • are reversible with two different textures on either side of the tile;
  • have a high light reflectance value (LRV) of over 85%
  • are 20% more fire resistant than traditional tiles;
  • have higher water resistance than traditional tiles;
  • require no additional coatings;
  • are mildew and mold resistant; 
  • are light-weight; and,
  • are manufactured with solar energy