Over 600 Organizations in 43 Countries Purchased Cellulose Nanomaterials!

In a testament to the exciting commercial opportunities that exist for cellulose nanomaterials, the University of Maine Process Development Center (PDC) recently reported that since 2013 they have distributed over 4 tons of cellulose nanomaterials (CNM) to over 600 organizations worldwide, including over 300 companies and 275 universities. The PDC is a collaborative pulp and paper research center that helps promote commercialization of the next generation of wood-based materials and technologies. They have become a top supplier of cellulose nanomaterials for research and development, producing over 7000 lbs. of cellulose nanofibers in house, and in collaboration with the Forest Products Laboratory, over 650 lbs. of cellulose nanocrystals, and 11 lbs. of TEMPO cellulose nanofibrils. The U Maine PDC has these materials are available in wet slurry, cake, or freeze-dried form.