We collaborate with organizations seeking the best evidence to support decision making about emerging materials and products. Our work helps decision makers understand the benefits of new technologies, and technology developers to be proactive in managing uncertainty and risk. We are experts in bio-based substance evaluations, environmental and energy issues, health and environmental risk analysis, technology and market assessments, climate and water issues, sustainability, and environmental aspects of nanotechnology. We analyze and translate complex technical information into solutions that can be practically implemented and clearly communicated.

Vireo develops safety and sustainability strategies for bio-based and nanoscale technology development and innovation. We work internationally to evaluate the benefits and impacts of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, to improve product design and development and to encourage the use of state-of-the-art science to inform policy and decision making.

Vireo Advisors is committed to the use of good science to inform environmentally sustainable product development and decision making.  We are reliable business advisors, and use an integrated and proactive approach to assessing the potential impacts of innovations to reduce business risk and inform product design in real time.

Dr. Jo Anne Shatkin

Meet our President and Founder, Dr. Jo Anne Shatkin

Jo Anne Shatkin founded Vireo Advisors in 2013 to provide guidance and leadership – raising the bar on sustainability in innovation. She brings over 20 years of expertise in environmental leadership, stakeholder engagement, consulting, health and environmental risk analysis, sustainability science, nanotechnology and life cycle impacts of materials in the environment. READ MORE HERE.


Vireo Advisors works with entrepreneurs and technology leaders, those public and private organizations with a culture of innovation that are proactive in meeting twenty-first century requirements for product performance. We use tools such as NANO LCRA to gain a perspective on the breadth of issues of potential import in sustainable product development. Our work connects the dots between technical performance and societal expectations to accelerate adoption of safer and better technologies.

We bring the latest science, our technical expertise and policy knowledge to advance our clients' technologies, including meeting regulatory requirements, protecting workers, demonstrating safety and conducting risk assessments.

We develop strategies for assessing, managing and communicating about the benefits and risks of emerging materials.  We conduct technology and risk assessments, market analysis and research and assess the needs and requirements of key stakeholders. We assist developers of new technologies by evaluating technology performance, identifying market requirements and opportunities and determining needs to overcome potential barriers.  We convene workshops on cutting-edge research topics, and engage experts across diverse disciplines to address issues affecting adoption. Tapping into our broad network, we connect people to the resources they need, whether they are technical, financial or external.

Whether they are advisory boards, regulators, customers, international advocacy organizations, or investors, internal and external stakeholders require robust and clear information to make sound decisions. Vireo Advisors recognizes these concerns and advises our clients on efforts to inform consumers, regulators and other decision makers about the benefits and impacts of their technological innovations.



Vireo Advisors is proud to offer our clients the latest news, events and resources. Check back regularly for all the latest developments.