Jo Anne Shatkin, PH.D.,

James D. Ede, PH.D.,

Kimberly Ong, Ph.D.,


Jo Anne Shatkin, Ph.D.,

President, Founder of Vireo Advisors

Jo Anne Shatkin, Ph.D.

Dr. Jo Anne Shatkin founded Vireo Advisors in 2013 to provide guidance and leadership– raising the bar on sustainability in innovation. She collaborates with organizations on environmental aspects of new product development and on commercialization of technologies for environmental applications. She brings nearly 20 years of expertise in environmental leadership, stakeholder engagement, health and environmental risk analysis, sustainability science, nanotechnology and life cycle impacts of materials in the environment.

Jo Anne brings extensive experience in working with entrepreneurs to guide responsible product development and commercialization.  As CEO of CLF Ventures, she worked with early-stage and large organizations on new technology introduction strategies, including business planning, environmental impact assessment and networking for financing.  Jo Anne is an environmental health scientist and recognized expert in environmental science and policy, human health risk assessment, emerging contaminants policy and environmental aspects of nanotechnology. She combines her business acumen and technical expertise into strategies for sustainable innovation.

Since 2005, Jo Anne has provided leadership on the responsible development of nanotechnology and on approaches for decision making under uncertainty. She serves on several international committees addressing cutting-edge science policy issues and standardization for emerging nanoscale materials. She teaches courses, has published papers and book chapters on topics of environmental health and safety and is working to advance life cycle approaches to risk analysis for nanotechnology, including for product design and development. Jo Anne is author of Nanotechnology Health and Environmental Risks Second Edition (CRC Press 2012). She received an Individually Designed Ph.D. in Environmental Health Science and Policy and her MA in Risk Management and Technology Assessment from Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Worcester Polytechnic University in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

Jo Anne has extensive experience in risk assessment, from working on complex mixtures on hazardous waste sites, to bioavailability and dermal exposure research, to working with EPA on prioritizing drinking water contaminants, to solid waste and microbial risk issues. At CLF Ventures, she translated that work to business risk assessment and management, working with investors, energy and new material technology companies and sustainable agriculture entrepreneurs.  She works on innovations in intersection of science, policy and communication.

James D. Ede, Ph.D.,

Nanotoxicologist and Risk Assessor at Vireo Advisors

James D. Ede, PH.D.

Dr. James Ede is  Nanotoxicologist and Risk Assessor with Vireo Advisors. James' degree is in nanotoxicology and he has extensive experience working with nanomaterials to characterize their risk using alternate testing methods. 

Beyond technical expertise, James brings excellent research, communication and organizational skills to the team, including social media outreach. He is knowledgable about risk assessment frameworks and international regulatory requirements for new and emerging substances. 

As a Vanier Scholar, James completed his Ph.D. thesis developing testing strategies for nanomaterials at the University of Alberta.  James received his Bachelor of Science in physiology, cell and developmental biology. Nearly seven years experience allowed him to foster collaborations at The National Institute for Nanotechnology, a world-class facility producing state-of-the-art materials and was a member of the RC-NSERC-BDC Nanotechnology Initiative (NNBNI). James’ research utilized molecular, biochemical and cellular techniques to help evaluate the hazard of several high-aspect ratio nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes and cellulose nanocrystals. His work has been published in several prestigious journals and presented at international conferences including SETAC Europe and North America, ICMAT Singapore and ICEENN London.  Currently, James is working to bring this knowledge to industry, collaborating with manufacturers to address hazards and ultimately reduce risk.








Kimberly J. Ong, Ph.D.,

Nanotoxicologist and Sustainability Expert at Vireo Advisors

Kimberly Ong, Ph.D.

Dr. Kimberly Ong is an expert in nanoparticle research and toxicology, particularly in protocol development, in vivo aquatic research, and in vitro testing. Kimberly has experience assessing and modifying protocols specific for nanomaterials’ testing to improve reliability for risk and exposure assessment. Her Ph.D. work consisted of testing the biological effects of nanoparticles in embryonic zebrafish and physiological effects on trout, in addition to in vitro testing of mammalian and fish cells. She has been actively involved in a number of scientific groups, including serving as a councilor on the executive board of the Canadian Society of Zoologists and as a member of the NRC-NSERC-BDC Nanotechnology Initiative (NNBNI). She has been actively involved in many international collaborations and cross-disciplinary teams and has presented her work at numerous national and international conferences. Kimberly received a Ph.D. in Physiology, Cell, and Developmental Biology from the University of Alberta, and a B.Sc. in Marine and Freshwater Biology from the University of Guelph. She is currently completing a M.Sc. in Environmental Management and Policy at Lund University.